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Eco-Wise Home Care Products 
for Fabric & Microfiber

Green cleaning products for furniture to carpets and everything in-between
GreenGard products are water-based, ozone friendly, phosphate free, contain NO hazardous air pollutants (HAP's), 
and are packaged in recyclable containers and/or made out of recycled materials. Even the applicator sponges are soy based

1 X 8oz. Eco-Wise Fabric and Microfiber Clean is a highly concentrated cleaner for most fabrics and microfiber. Ideal for cleaning stains and residues off of upholstery.
1 X 8oz. Eco-Wise Fabric and Microfiber Protector forms a barrier around the individual fibers within the fabric upholstery. The protected fibers resist oil and water based stains. Accidents and spills can be quickly and easily blotted up. Effective on W and W/S type fabrics. 
1 X Eco-Wise Sponge
1 X Eco-WiseCloths



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