12V LED Rope Lights Home Auto Boat Lighting - Red Green Blue Cool

12V LED Rope Lights Home Auto Boat Lighting - Red Green Blue Cool


End Date: Monday Apr-8-2019 11:51:18 PDT
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12VDC LED Rope Lights (select color and length)

Colors Available: Cool White, Warm White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
The black plastic spool in the picture above is considered packing material. The black plastic spool is not part of the sale and may not be included with your order.

Brightness of different colors will vary. Yellow and Red are the least bright colors.

Please select the color and length you need.
Please remember that only one (1) attached power connector cord and one (1) attached end cap is included with each rope light length you order no matter what color or length you select. If you need additional power connector cords, end caps or other connectors, they are available in our  ebay store.

IMPORTANT: The LED lights sold in this auction are 12 Volt DC LED lights. They are designed to be connected to a 12V DC power source such as a 12V battery. DO NOT attempt to connect or plug these lights into a 110V power outlet such as a standard wall outlet found in your home as it will burn these lights out and void the returns policy. LED lights that are designed to be plugged into a standard North American wall outlet need to be 110-120 Volts. We do sell 110 Volt LED rope lights in our ebay store. Please contact us if you need 110V Rope Lights.

Brand New, Highly durable, Weather-proof*, Round, Clear, PVC rope ... with Long-life, Cool-burning, Energy-saving, LED bulbs. Flexible to bend into shapes. No Flicker/Smooth Glow. Can be cut approx. every 4 inches. Easily Installed. For Indoor or Outdoor* Christmas use. Used for anywhere soft incandescent lighting is needed such as Decorative Lighting, Sign Lighting, Corners, Ceilings, Staircases, Decks, Driveways, Boats, Galleries, Clubs, and Parties.

- PVC tube is 1/2" diameter round
- LED bulbs spaced every 1.1"
- These are 2 wire rope lights
- Power: 12VDC
- Life Expectancy: 100,000 hours

Length of Rope Lights you Selected
 One (1) Attached Power Cord
 One (1) Attached End Cap

Power Consumption:    
- 0.04 amps per meter (0.0121 amps per foot) (red/yellow)
- 0.48 watts per meter (0.1463 watts per foot) (red/yellow)

- 0.0958 amps per meter (0.0292 amps per foot) (all other colors)
- 1.15 watts per meter (0.35 watts per foot) (all other colors)

Please make sure the LED's work and make sure the color is what you want before cutting this rope light. This item can be returned for up to 30 days if it is not cut. We do not give any refunds on cut LED ropes. The refund is the cost you paid for the item only. It is your responsibility to ship the item/s back to us. Under no circumstances will any shipping fees be refunded.

It is assumed that the buyer has some knowledge of wiring. For safety reasons the buyer should hire a professional if they do not know anything about electrical work. For liability reasons we do not provide lessons or instructions on wiring.

 *IMPORTANT: The PVC rope lights alone are weather proof. However, the area where the rope lights attach to the power cord and the end cap are not weather proof and should never be exposed to the weather unless it has been properly weather proofed. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure the entire length of the rope lights and the power cord is properly weather proofed should these light be used Outdoor or near any water/moisture. Please keep in mind that the PVC rope that the lights are encased in can be cut or damaged in many ways including but not limited to stepping on them which would expose electrical wires and cause a potential fire hazard should moisture get near the damaged area.